Now a days doctors have the perfact solution i.e electronic media that can be used to communicate with patients. Patients love it. It is what I call lifestyle-friendly medicine.It syncs seamlessly with how people currently live their lives and communicate with friends, family and business colleagues. So why not their doctor?
Dr. Google

You’ve heard the saying, “all politics are local”. Well, all good primary medical care eventually becomes personal and local. Things happen to people’s health.

Nurses with Smart Phone
The biggest challenge of patientcare India is to strike a delicate balance between increasing access to quality health care for all Indians and reducing overall health care spending just scored one of its most substantial victories.

Momentum for E-healthcare is accelerating

There has been a dramatic increase in the utilization of internet technologies in healthcare systems.Emerging internet technologies in health and healthcare have led to the creation of e-health systems, also known as e-healthcare, which have been drawing increasing attention in the public and have gained strong support from government agencies and various organizations.

Patient Care India Provides Following Services:

  • Electronic Health Reoord(ECR) of Patient
  • Diet Plan for the Patient
  • Regular updates for doctor checkup
  • Doctor Prescription information
  • All laboratory test history
  • Online appointment with doctor
  • Search your Doctor
  • Health related article